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Refosco dal peduncolo rosso
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Meteora Rossa
Refosco Vigne Vecchie
Treuve Rosso
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Mezzosecolo is a wine introduced by Casa Geretto in order to celebrate our 50 years in the world of wine.
With this wine we continue our task to exploit this native vine from Friuli, in the land in which Refosco can find its best result.
After a long maceration the wine rests in cement barrels for about 2 months. In a second time it mature first in large wood barrels from Slavonia for 24 months and then in new French barrique and tonneaux barrels.
Mezzosecolo is vigorous and full-bodied with a good balance between softness and the typical flavours of Refosco.
The bouquet is spicy and fruity ( jam and mellow fruits) and, together with the typical aroma of dried plums and blackberries, gives to the wine an important aromatic complexity.
These elements make it ideal to serve with grilled noble meats, game seasoned cheese.
Serve at 16 18 C.

Vintage: 2004
Wine: 100% Refosco dal peduncolo rosso
Region: DOC Friuli Aquileia
Origin: Scodovacca di Cervignano del Friuli
Alchool: 13.5% vol
Fermentation: 18 days alchool
To Mature: Wood Barrels (24 months) French barrique and tonneaux (14 months)
Package: 6/12 bottles. Wood Cases are recommended.
Total production.: 3.000 bottles 750ml
Producer: Merk di Casa Geretto
Bottled by: Casa Geretto

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